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A letter again from Rep. Claudia Tenney - thank you is at hand.

Dear Ms. silva, Thank you for contacting me regarding enforcement of the federal ban on horse slaughter. I appreciate your views on this matter and always welcome the opportunity to respond to your concerns. It’s a privilege to again represent you in Congress, where I will continue to be a compassionate advocate for Upstate families, seniors, and small businesses. Since 2014, horse slaughter has been banned in the United States. As an animal lover, I am committed to making sure horses are well cared for and protected. My colleagues in Congress have introduced follow-on legislation to ensure the federal ban on horse slaughter is complied with and that horses are not transported elsewhere for slaughter. I will continue to support these important efforts to make sure the letter and spirit of existing law is fully complied with. Thank you again for contacting me. To stay up to date on my work in Washington and across New York’s 22nd District, please sign up for my weekly e-newsletter here. I also encourage you to visit my website at to learn more about the services my office can provide you and to view details regarding votes and other information. Sincerely, Rep. Claudia Tenney Member of Congress

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