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American Wild Horse Campaign

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

This is the people we should be applauding.

Joyce, last month, more than 800 wild horses were removed from Piceance Basin in Colorado. You asked us to speak up and be a voice for these protected and treasured mustangs. So we did.

Thanks to the commitment of supporters like yourself, we were able to create a media campaign that made Colorado residents aware of the cruel roundup of innocent wild horses — the biggest in state history — happening right in their backyard.

We took to TV screens and major Colorado news publications to launch a statewide campaign highlighting how unnecessary and poorly-timed these ongoing summer roundups are — and how the helicopters must be grounded immediately.

Our TV spot aired for two weeks across three cable networks in the Denver market and we were able to reach hundreds of thousands of Colorado residents who took action swiftly. Over 19,000 Coloradan wild horse advocates sent messages to their Congressional representatives demanding an end to the Piceance Basin roundup.

Thanks to supporters like you, we were also able to:

But joyce, we cannot escape the cruel truth that more than 800 wild horses were rounded up in Piceance Basin and now face an uncertain future. We will not stop working until each and every one of these cherished American mustangs is able to live out their lives in the wild where they belong.

The BLM’s Piceance Basin roundup was filled with animal welfare violations, injuries among innocent mustangs and foals, and several avoidable casualties. Thanks to all of our supporters, new and old, not only were we able to help keep over 700 wild horses free on the public lands they call home, we were able to drive essential messages about this devastating roundup and build awareness of our mission to protect the freedom of America’s wild herds.

Our shared efforts will not stop at the Colorado border. In fact, thanks to your support, we’re just getting started → We’re planning to take this campaign NATIONWIDE to keep up the focus on the protection our wild horses deserve.

When we raise our voices together, there is nothing we can’t achieve for our beloved wild herds. We need to maintain this momentum from the Colorado campaign and expand our efforts across the country. But we’ll need your continued support to do that, joyce. Will you make a contribution now to help us take this campaign to the next level nationwide?

Thank you,

Suzanne Roy Executive Director American Wild Horse Campaign

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