We are planning on having a concert in Tampa Florida for Mustang Round Up Awareness for the east coast to know what is happening on the west side of America. It seems that everyone I talk to on the east coast doesn't realize the severity of our American Wild Horses are getting depleted and being sent to slaughter.  Please donate so we can get funds for the bands that are willing to play for free.    


Saving Wild Horses | Wild Horse Fire Brigade 

We support the Wild horse Fire Brigade and believe in what he is doing. Perhaps we will get enough people supporting him and the horses will be able to run wild fear free. 

National Academy of Sciences:
We Need A New Report!

Wild horse and burro removals are at historically high rates causing a race to approve more holding facilities, many of them off-limits to public view.

A lack of oversight of the program is causing herds to be decimated without any actual management planning as their ranges are being given away to rapidly expanding water dependent industry and, hypocritically, emergency roundups due to drought continue to increase.

The only bar Congress has set (in exchange for the continued commitment to increase the amount of taxpayer dollars for the program) is a quarterly self-evaluation report from the agency.

We need the national academy of sciences to step in and make a new report!



Updated Roundup Schedule (Fiscal 2022)

The BLM has update the fiscal 2022 roundup schedule and increased the total targeted for capture (for the fiscal year) to 22,995. This number represents the largest number on the schedule in any single year.

The agency is going after burros particularly hard this year. BLM claims we can only manage less than 3000 nationwide. The Centennial roundup is currently underway targeting 584. Black Mountain begins May 1 targeting 1080. The Blue Wing Complex (targeting 800) and Twin Peaks (targeting 339) begin in July.

BLM started the Sinbad roundup beginning on today, April 30th, targeting 300 burros in the HMA.



Indian Lakes Tour

BLM has announced a public tour of the Broken arrow (aka Indian Lakes) facility in Fallon, NV. 

WHE has been trying to arrange a tour of the facility since the Pancake roundup ended and funneled wild horses into these off-limits to the public facilities.

It will have been 90 days since the last wild horse had been captured at Pancake and sent to Broken Arrow. The agency knows where they will ship horses at least a month before a roundup begins.

90 days post-capture is not a “timely tour” for intake. 

After 90 days any infectious disease (respiratory illness is common after winter roundups), injuries, deaths associated with capture injury and stress, will have been resolved without any public oversight.



The “Save Our Wild Horses” event in DC is running this week. Many of you were unable to attend and have requested that we share our presentation.

You can join us Sunday, May 1, at noon Pacific (3 Eastern) time via Zoom Events.

We will give you an update and share the presentations given by our founder Laura Leigh, including the presentation given during the Congressional staffer meeting of April 28th.

We wish we could meet all of you in person and bring you the entire 4 day event. However, we can allow all of you to see our presentations and ask your own questions.


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