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Mission Statement


We help Rescues that have horses for adoption but cannot promote their horses, because they are busy taking care of the horses. We plan on being able to write grants for the Rescue, fundraise for them and do most of the work that they don’t have time to do. The program is aimed at the rescues that need help. We plan to educate the American people what is going on with the American wild horse and the round ups that they are going through. We want to stop these round ups because they are depleting them very quickly on land that was promised to them.  We are “The Voice for the Voiceless”















We had to move the date because of Hurricane Ian. We are having a concert in Webster Florida for Mustang Round Up Awareness for the east coast to know what is happening in the west of America. It seems that everyone I talk to on the east coast doesn't realize the severity of our American Wild Horses are getting depleted and being sent to facilities where some our auctioned off and others go to good homes.  Please donate so we can get funds for the bands that are willing to play for US.    

All donations go to fund

the rescues and to prepare for the concert

Please send checks and money orders to:
Joyce Silva Melendez
10072 River Road
Camden, N.Y. 13316 
or hit the https:
Two bands are playing: The Summit Kings and Joe's Garage Band.  Stuttering John formerly of the Howard Stern Show and Jay Leno Show will be performing. please donate for advertising, producing the bands. We also plan on guest speakers.

Wild Horse Rescue 
12103 SE 47th Drive
Webster, Florida 33597
February 18th 1pm- 6pm
Salvation Wild Horse Sanctuary 
are the two rescues that we will be helping
Some upcoming news 
ASPCA Helping to stop the slaughter of our American Horses and American Wild Horse Campaign is getting up a firewall of protection for the American Wild Horses and Burros 
these will both be posted in our What's New Tab so please visit it soon!
We are putting up a concert page for those of you who would love to buy tickets and also for donations. Thank you


Demand Justice For Horse Run Down By Pennsylvania State Trooper (



This link is very important Please click to get the phone numbers and what to say to stop this

Horse Killing Actively Promoted by Veterinary Associations (

)Fundraiser by Dr. Margaret Ohlinger : Oct 11, 22 on - Gunner Needs Life-Saving Surgeries (





Standardbred Racing Horses that have been sent to kill pens only to end up being slaughtered PLEASE LOOK OVER THE LIST AND TRY AND HELP THEM 





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Update on Carriage horse from last summer. He was put down to poor health. Here's the article to read; Carriage horse Ryder dies months after infamous collapse on Midtown streets (

Alot of Animals are in need of help please donate to Animal Victory Fund.





Calico update and action (9/16)


At the ongoing roundup of wild horses from the Calico Complex 251 (97 Stallions, 113 Mares, and 41 Foals) have been shipped to Broken Arrow (aka Indian Lakes) in Fallon NV; 7 have died. 

This operation targets 1,556 wild horses of the estimated 1,593 in and outside the complex. BLM will treat and release about 40 mares after fertility control vaccination. 

Wild Horses Disappearing On Behalf of Cattle Ranchers

September 8, 2022 - Posted by Ginger Fedak


Wildlife photographer Jim Brown has been visiting the wild horse herds in the North Lander Complex in West Central Wyoming for many years. His stunning photographs document the colorful wild horse herds found there. Now, he finds cattle, instead of wild horses, on these public lands designated by law for the wild horses’ principal use.

Because Jim has been photographing these wild herds for so many years, he knows where to find them. Yet, only one lone wild horse was seen on his most recent visit of a few days in the North Lander Complex. What he did find in their place were cattle - many of them. 

This picture taken by wildlife photographer Jim Brown and posted to Facebook is panoramic. You can click on the image and then drag on it to pan around the vast area.

With no words needed, this photo tells why wild horses are being removed from their public lands in Wyoming. Cattle ranchers are taking over the public land designated for wild horses so that they can use the forage and resources to feed their enslaved livestock for their own personal gain.

The North Lander Complex includes four Herd Management Areas (HMAs): Conant Creek, Dishpan Butte, Muskrat Basin, and Rock Creek. The complex is 375,292 acres, and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has arbitrarily and unscientifically claimed that the entire complex could only support 320 – 536 wild horses. Seriously? One wild horse per 700 - 1200 acres? The BLM says this while simultaneously allowing cattle ranchers to graze thousands of exploited cattle and sheep in the same area, concentrated so unnaturally that they are trampling and destroying the vegetation. 

We previously alerted you to the draconian extinction plans for the North Lander Complex wild horse herds proposed by the BLM which included horrific procedures that will cause suffering and also the potential for agonizing deaths. If implemented, this alarming BLM plan will mean the end for the wild horses in this complex.

You may wonder why this is happening. It’s simple. When we have an ever-growing base of human consumers buying and eating the products of cattle ranchers, wild horses and burros will continue to suffer. Buying ranchers’ products gives them more power and influence than they already have, which is a lot. They use some of this money to influence politicians to continue allowing welfare ranching. Resolve to no longer be part of the problem.

We are working hard to bring about change to end the roundups and keep wild horses safe on our public lands. You may learn more about what we’re doing and how to get involved by visiting our Wild Horses and Burros campaign.  

In Defense of Animals is mobilizing supporters to stop the wild horse execution orders. We are demanding that federal agencies carry out their duty to protect and preserve wild horses and burros. Together with a coalition of animal welfare groups, conservationists, and equine advocates, we propose on-range management that is humane and science-based. 

Please join our fight for solutions, not slaughter.




Wild Horse Education

Triple B_ Day 40

Laura Leigh

Aug 24

The longest day of the longest roundup of the summer saw 207 (64 Stallions, 95 Mares, and 48 Foals) wild horses captured. We know you want to see everything that happens to your wild horses; we are doing our best to give you comprehensive daily coverage in the marathon of a long roundup, in a […]

Read more of this post

We are now getting ready to help people get grants by our staff. We will search for the best grants that fit your needs. Please contact us if this is of interest to you. Call us at 315-820-4101 or write us at for a fast response.



City councilman calls for collapsed carriage horse to go to sanctuary


Jon Levine

August 13, 2022 2:40pm 


A viral video captured Ryder's terrifying collapse on Wednesday.L2FTV/FNTV


New York City councilman Robert Holden called for the carriage horse that collapsed in Manhattan to be placed in an animal sanctuary.

Ryder, a 14-year-old carriage horse, collapsed on West 38th Street Wednesday. Viral video showed the animal lying in the middle of the roadway in Hell’s Kitchen as his driver whipped him and repeatedly demanded the exhausted animal “get up.”

Holden, who is also pushing for a ban on horse drawn carriages in the city, called on the horse’s owner, Ian McKeever, to let the animal be put to pasture.

“The multiple videos of Ryder collapsing on a hot day in Hell’s Kitchen that have gone viral shocked the entire world and only proved what we all knew about the torturous conditions that carriage horses endure daily in New York City,” said Holden. “Ryder joins a long list of horses who have collapsed or died on our city’s streets. I thank the animal advocacy groups and the thousands of concerned citizens for elevating this horrible story.”


The exhausted, skinny horse was eventually assisted by authorities.


Councilman Robert Holden is also pushing for a ban on carriage horses.

Helayne Seidman

“We look forward to hearing from Ian McKeever that he truly cares for his horse and is willing to let Ryder retire at a sanctuary,” he added.

Holden has also asked Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg to investigate possible carriage horse cruelty across the city.

Animal advocates have said they already have a retirement sanctuary lined up for the horse should McKeever allow it.

A veterinary inspection confirmed Ryder had been suffering from Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis, a neurological disease caused from possum droppings. He is recuperating at West Side Livery Stables on West 38th Street.


News  from Wild Horses Education, I find the most helpful in their work to give us an update on what's going on with the round ups. See What's New Page. 

National Academy of Sciences:
We Need A New Report!

Wild horse and burro removals are at historically high rates causing a race to approve more holding facilities, many of them off-limits to public view.

A lack of oversight of the program is causing herds to be decimated without any actual management planning as their ranges are being given away to rapidly expanding water dependent industry and, hypocritically, emergency roundups due to drought continue to increase.

The only bar Congress has set (in exchange for the continued commitment to increase the amount of taxpayer dollars for the program) is a quarterly self-evaluation report from the agency.

We need the national academy of sciences to step in and make a new report!



Updated Roundup Schedule (Fiscal 2022)

The BLM has update the fiscal 2022 roundup schedule and increased the total targeted for capture (for the fiscal year) to 22,995. This number represents the largest number on the schedule in any single year.

The agency is going after burros particularly hard this year. BLM claims we can only manage less than 3000 nationwide. The Centennial roundup is currently underway targeting 584. Black Mountain begins May 1 targeting 1080. The Blue Wing Complex (targeting 800) and Twin Peaks (targeting 339) begin in July.

BLM started the Sinbad roundup beginning on today, April 30th, targeting 300 burros in the HMA.



Indian Lakes Tour

BLM has announced a public tour of the Broken arrow (aka Indian Lakes) facility in Fallon, NV. 

WHE has been trying to arrange a tour of the facility since the Pancake roundup ended and funneled wild horses into these off-limits to the public facilities.

It will have been 90 days since the last wild horse had been captured at Pancake and sent to Broken Arrow. The agency knows where they will ship horses at least a month before a roundup begins.

90 days post-capture is not a “timely tour” for intake. 

After 90 days any infectious disease (respiratory illness is common after winter roundups), injuries, deaths associated with capture injury and stress, will have been resolved without any public oversight.



The “Save Our Wild Horses” event in DC is running this week. Many of you were unable to attend and have requested that we share our presentation.

You can join us Sunday, May 1, at noon Pacific (3 Eastern) time via Zoom Events.

We will give you an update and share the presentations given by our founder Laura Leigh, including the presentation given during the Congressional staffer meeting of April 28th.

We wish we could meet all of you in person and bring you the entire 4 day event. However, we can allow all of you to see our presentations and ask your own questions.


Animal Victory connected as quickly as possible with some of the most amazing boots-on-the-ground organizations and people who were working under horrifying situations to rescue animals. We learned firsthand just how difficult their situations were during the storm; shelters were destroyed and left without food, water, and accommodations for the animals.

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