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My name is Joyce Melendez Silva, I am president and founder of the United States Horse Abuse Reporting Network, (USHARN) We started this company because we know how hard it is to be a rescue.  I think if we help the rescues, they can get their horses adopted and will be able to get more horses in to possibly retrain and adopt. 


I started saving animals at the age of 9 collecting money for the WWF and reading books. I went to school for large and small animal care and also because a Labotory Animal Assistant which I saw the horrors I wish never to see again. I went to school for computer repair, Vet Assistant and now Vet Tech. where I am doing rather good. I and two of my friends, one former started a horse rescue and was in business since 2004 - and still going. Instead of having a horse ranch now we are planning on helping other rescues and help them get their horses adopted, posted all over the media and now, write grants and also do fundraisers. I volunteer now, with the U.S. Humane Society doing phone banking. I am doing this all for the animals, it has been my passion as long as I can remember. 

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Our Story

So, it took us a time to regroup and now we have decided this was the best way for us to proceed to help the horses of North America and also to help the Rescues that are trying to get their horses adopted so that they can take more rescue horses in. 

   The question that I get most is, " How much is it going to cost?" They cannot understand why I want to help them they think there is a motive behind this - There is! I Want to Help! I cannot do much physically anymore since my neck and back was broken. My partner's knees were replaced, and complications happened. So, you have two people that can barely move and a couple of people that are driving around America to get in contact with horse people and teaching them about us. We will work hard for you. We want to work hard to get the word out about our company so we can help the rescues. We hope to have our own classes on being an Animal Abuse Investigator so we can work alongside of the troopers of each state. 

    I have already taken classes and if there is a way, I can help I will. So, if you see someone coming up to your rescue, please welcome my companies representative because he is there to listen and tell you all about us. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.



Paul Alexander
Paul grew up on an Arabian Farm in Lewisburg Pa, He busted his "behind" since he was young working on the ranch and then he went to school for Accounting, All American Jr and Senior year defense tackle all American in shot put and hammer throw. He worked from there as an accountant for a big construction company in NYC. He missed working with horses while working in an office, until he finally met someone that had the same dreams as he did. We found a 100-acre run down farm and we fixed it up to house over 60 horses where we rehabilitated them and found forever homes

Paul always joked that when we went to work in the morning how many more horses would be in the barn. He would always complain about Where the heck am I going to put these, but we couldn't say no to these poor half-starved horses, with problems that no one wanted to take the time to fix them, but we did. Now he is happy to start up this company to help the rescues because we know how hard they work and with no acknowledgement how hard they work for these horses.

 Paul and I have been together over 22 years. We still laugh and have fun almost every day. We realized that over 7 years ago was a blessing in disguise, the thorn in our side has been removed and we went through hard times, but it made us a stronger couple. We are here to help the rescues and we just took a course on grant writing, and we will be starting up classes for animal investigators in the near future. 

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