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Thee gofund me didn't go well but I will constantly try my best to get it going again. 

Texan came from a Texas kill pen he was heading to slaughter we fundraised and saved him got him to Ohio he was a skeleton when he arrived He's been with us now going on 4 months and doing well with the specialized diet he is up for adoption he could be a light riding horse as he is an older gentleman he does require hay pellets usually around 14 to 20 lb of it as well as Purina senior around 10 lb morning and 10 lb at night as he is a big boy and holding his weight with this because his teeth are so worn and he has no front and sizes due to whatever situation he was in to be chewing on things possibly due to stress he was what they call a frontier horse for a gentleman owned him and they used them for pack or trail horses and the Yellowstone national Parks he is 16 one hands he's very respectful but  also is very sweet but unsure if you yell or scream as he fears it something's going to happen to him but he does nothing more than just stand there and snort, attached is a current picture of him but he's dirty in this picture because he loves to roll in the dirt and mud never can keep a gray horse white

It is sad that we cannot raise any money for this rescue, we are not asking for a lot of money, so please donate. Thank you
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