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A letter from Kathleen from S.A.R.A.

Even though I’ve been pioneering the field of Animal Reiki for over 22 years, have taught thousands of animal lovers this sacred healing art, written multiple books on the subject, authored the Code of Ethics for the profession and have created the world’s first and only nonprofit dedicated to helping rescued animals with Reiki, I’m also a California girl, wife and mother to a teenager, dog and a horse. I’ve faced breast cancer twice in the past several years and am passionate about the ability of Animal Reiki meditation to guide us through even the most difficult and dark times with courage and grace. My role in this world is to help you learn to meditate with animals so you can:

open your heart to animals, offering unconditional support

  • support the self-healing process through peaceful, compassionate presence

  • advocate for animal empowerment

  • be a voice of kindness for animals in the world I've created the Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki to teach animal-guided healing through meditation. This unique perspective on healing helps humans support animals with peaceful acceptance, and through the letting go of judgment, worries, the need to fix and the need to control outcome. I've taught thousands of animal lovers all over the world how to use this method to help you deepen your bond with animals you love and bring comfort and calm to animals, and I want to help you too! Let me know how I can best help you get started. Click the link below that most describes you: I am just getting started and would love a guided meditation I can follow along with for healing support. I'm ready for a brief introduction to this method so I can get started helping animals right now! I'm already trained in Reiki for humans but want to learn this method so I can share meditation with animals in the most gentle and effective ways possible. Sign me up for your special correspondence training course. Just one more thing before you go: Use the code ILOVEANIMALS to get 10% off any of these courses when you sign up today! I can't wait to help you transform your life with your animals! Stay safe, be well and may the animals light your way!

  • Blessings, Kathleen

  • Founder Animal Reiki Source

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