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SalvationWildHorseSanctuary joins!

This story is quite a tail. <get it< So, I will start where it began.

I was looking up rescues in each state this night, I was writing down the name and phone number and view their sites, on the internet and all the other social media. So, I call them and leave a message because I want to help the rescues and help promote their horses whether adoptable or sponsor. But in the process of calling the rescues, I have come across some that were not in operation at all. So, I ask to put the questions to my friends on Twitter, sometimes in messages, which is private and when more than one has the same questions, I brought the question to my twitter page. was one that I asked the questions to.

To my surprise, I got responses both ways good and bad. So, I called the Sanctuary as I said I did and after the day or reading for and against this Sanctuary, I got a call. It was Sally Madigan and we spoke to each other, and she told me her struggles, her dream and more. I have shared stuff with her as well, things I never told anyone else. What a pleasant person and a determined person to help the Mustangs. I wish I could do more for this company oh wait I did! I donated money and I believe in her.

Sally has a lot of good friends, and alot of others that believe in her and I loved hearing them, it was a pleasure to see someone else so active in the helping of others. I am happy that Sally joined my site and it is an honor to have her here.

I hope my dream will also come true and have us all get together to help the Mustangs, that's what it is all about isn't it?

I hope to one day bring all the rescues together so we can help the last remaining Mustangs.

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It was a pleasure talking with you and hope to again soon. Thank you for this wonderful, kind blog and all your support and help to save and care for our betrayed wild mustangs.

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