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Isaiah Robinson
Isaiah Robinson

[S1E7] Grounded

After a while. Danielle screams in pain, saying that she tried to change the battery, and it appeared she had busted her arm. Ed realized that she was doing that in order for Ed to call NASA and tell them that they needed medical attention. She told him that Clayton was "lost" and would never come back, and that if Gordo was grounded, he would not be able to "return" either.

[S1E7] Grounded


10 days later, on December 14, 1974, Karen berates Shane again since he had stolen baseball cards. He was grounded from going to his basketball game, which made him lose his temper. Karen slapped him across the face and sent him to his room. She got in her car, and Shane waited until after she left to get on his bike to go to his basketball game.

Coupled with the blend, I chuckled at a couple of insights you shared about students where I wrote; kids say the darndest things. One of them said in response to your survey, the question was, please describe yourself as a student. And the student said, "decently smart and hardworking." I thought that's a very grounded kid. And the other one said, the question was, what do you do in your free time? And a senior wrote, "I like to rest." 041b061a72


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