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Best Buy Geek Squad Harrisburg Pa

I purchased a LG UBK80 4K ULTRA-HD BLU-RAY player on 2/23/2019. Since the first time I put a BLU-RAY DVD in to watch on my new LG 75" 4K TV ,I have had a issue with the tracking . This happens approx. 45-60 mins. into the movie. When it first starts everything is fine and then after about 45-60 mins the tracking is not in sync. The mouth moves and then a second later the sound. NOT IN SYNC.! Called the GEEK SQUAD 800 # and they said they can't do anything for the syncing that I should return the unit where I bought and they would exchange it for a new one . So I took the player in the next day and told the geek squad agent what the geek squad agent told me on the phone the night before. That didn't matter to the geek squad agent at the Lake Geneva BEST BUY, she said she will send it to be serviced. I argued , but to no avail . So they sent it to their service center for repair. Today they emailed me to set up an pick up appt. I set it up for 12:20 pm pick up. When I got there I asked what was wrong and did they fix it ? She said according to them , there was nothing wrong with it.(maybe I needed a different cable or another port. I told her I am not very happy with this and if it doesn't work ,I WILL BRING IT BACK AND GET MY MONEY BACK. They said that it might be past the time I could do this. I have spent a lot of money over the years at Best Buy and have always had great things to say about Best Buy , but now I will probably never buy anything from Best Buy again if this is how they treat their customers . I had a business a while ago and if any of my employees treated my customers in that manner , they would be terminated. But I guess BEST BUY can afford to lose customers. Disgruntled , Gil Makaryk

best buy geek squad harrisburg pa

I am writing this letter with great frustration. I was hoping for better and faster service from best buy. I have spent over $5,000 in one month last year at the store located in Findlay, ohio. I bought 2 laptops, a home computer system and a 65 inch television, a nikon 3200 and a video camera. With that being said, it means nothing to me when I cannot get a laptop repaired in a timely manner. One of the laptops was for my grandson that attends Findlay College. The thing almost caught fire and has totally shut down. It left black charred marks on his desk. He could not touch it without it burning his fingers. We took it in the geeksquad. I have all the warranty and queeksuad protection you can think of. It was purchased on June 5, 2018. This is no good to me. They have to send it away to microsoft so they can check out the damage before I can get a refund for this computer. It will not turn on at all. It's completely fried. It's a sin that your store cannot even look at this computer to decide on the damage. Or be able to give him one to use with a small deposit. My grandson does not want this computer back. I do not blame him. He now wants an alien ware computer. I have no idea how long this is going to take. He will be out of school before we get any information from the service department. This is crazy. This is time sensitive to us. He has so many reports due. You would think your company could have arrangements in place to deal with this situation. I am so mad right now. I will no longer do any business with best buy. I spent good money on these laptops for these boys to be able to get their work done in a timely manner. Not to have to end having to go to the library or a friends dorm room.

Terrible service which is mostly non-service They had no customers in the store but me and a roll call of geek squad appointments on the wall people who were not there They push for appointments and that is probably why. I asked for a bag to place my returned and unfixed pc lape op in and was told that no sacks or bags were allowed in the stor A tall young man came and guided me to three things I wanted but ignored my request for a bag I went up front and asked the man sitting at the desk for a bag when I checked out and he said no the store didn't have any I said there is no way I am wahey might have some over there and over ther a man was just chitchatting with another guy but did help me and bag items on the way out I said tolking out of this store just holding electronics and I heard laughter and two women workers with laughing behind me And he grinned and pointed to the side and said on the way out the guy in the highchair a fat Hispanic would not aknowledge my saying have a good day until he finally grinned at me sicky Why do you have this store on 2326 s Bradley in santa maria CA 93455??? why???? you should send me a coupon or something and I think this store sucks

Best Buy Sucks! Stacy purchased a ring doorbell pro model. Wanted to wait until the house was painted to install. When we called geek squad to come out and install, they opened the box, looked at our intercom system and said they could not install that model and we needed the battery powered one. We went to exchange it at the best buy store and was told because it was opened and over 15 days since we purchased it, they could not take it back, even as an exchange. Told us to call corporate. Spent two hours trying to talk to the right person. Overseas call center kept sending me to the wrong person(s) who continued to tell me I needed to take it back to the store.. Absolute runaround. So i get on their website and click on the customer service link only to get a new window that says the customer service link does not exist, I thought No Shit! Neither does their customer service. Here are the problems with all of this. CAVEAT EMPTOR FOLKS, DO NOT BUY A CHRISTMAS PRESENT AT BEST BUY MORE THAN 15 DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RETURN IT! NO WONDER THEIR STORES ARE CLOSING AT RECORD NUMBERS.. AMAZON OUT PERFORMS THEM AT EVERY LEVEL. WELL WE HAVE LEARNED OUR LESSON...BEST BUY - HOPE ALL YOUR DOORS CLOSE AND DO SO SOON. CAN'T WAIT FOR THE GEEK SQUAD TO CALL ME BACK.....

For the first time I had to use the geek squad repair, I have been a fan of best buy until now, I drive a school bus and the 4 hr window is not very customer friendly, My washing machine was having issues, and I tried to change my home number to my cell so I could maybe talk to the driver, not a robot, I am off from 10 to 1pm every day, kind of in the middle of the 2 repair sessions, I was unable to get off from work and had to ask my 86 yr old mother to drive over because Nathan never changed my home number to my cell, and I didnt want to miss my appt. People have jobs, why dont you have a late session, you claim 24/7 , I would have had to wait 2 wks for a Sat. I tried to talk to a manager, I called several times got disconected several times. I was finally able to talk to Nathan, to maybe get scheduled not the first appt. he said he changed the contact number which didnt happen when I got my robo call the night before on my home phone, Nathan was robotically apologetic, in fact everyone I talked to was nauseatingly robotically apologetic, to the point I no longer believed them. I was very pleased that Vincent was able to repair my machine in one visit, so I didnt have to wait any longer for doing laundry, but I will seriously have to consider buying the extended warrenty on my next purchase unless something changes.

January 16th 2019 - I contacted both James (geek squad member ) and garon forester ( manager) finally I was able to get through to the manager who pretended he had no idea what was going on. He never took my name nor number but claimed he was going to follow up.

On 7/7/18 I took my laptop in to geek squad for repair problem that I was informed they could fix, however when I got home the problem re-occurred but due to the fact I had to leave town I put my laptop in storage until I returned. My problem is they did not fix it at the time I had their protection plan which has since expired. I took it in asking if they tell why this problem has re-occurred they informed that they could but I would have to pay them $299 for diagnostic testing. I do not believe this is right since they didn't repair it in the beginning. Below is a copy of the message I get I open up and try to sign on [ Enter Administrator Password or Power On Password] I bought this laptop at Best buy and I never had a n Administrator password.

No agent showed up for my scheduled smart home service. Called support they said they would get back they did not. Terrible service, very disappointed, have been a geek squad tech support for many years.

I called geek squad which I pay an annual fee to help set up a new printer that I bought at Best Buy. The people online couldn't help me fix the problem because they don't speak and/or understand English. Now I have to have some one come out which costs 49.95, what a rip off. If you are considering buying this service the only thing I can say is DON'T!

My dryer wouldn't dry and I called best buy and the problem and geek squad schedule an appointment with a tech to come and fix on 5/16/19 between 8 to 12. on 5/16/19 tech Anthony called my phone at 7:19 from this number 215-390-3702 and left a reminder message that he'll be there at between 8 and 12pm. He came and said that the dryer heater is gone that's why the clothes is not drying, and if its ok to order the parts and have them come to my home, I said sure.Anthony schedule me for next Thursday 23rd 2019 and I agree on 8 to 12 window for him come out. 3 packages came to the home on 5/20/19 I text the 215 390 3702 number to say that the parts are here. On 5/22/19 I got a reminder call telling me my appointment is schedule for 8 to 12pm on 5/23/19. On 5/23/19 I got a called that I missed saying that this is Anthony and I'll be there between 8 and 12 to fix the dryer this was at 7:13. I waited home and no calls or text or anything, Anthony called at 1:09pm after his schedule window to say more parts is needed, how do he know this when he never came back to the home, to see what parts came or didn't come, and that was the last communication. I have been texting and calling this number and no help. Its 5/30/19 and am still without a dryer, called best buy and spoke with Cheryl from Orlando at 763-256-1367 and she wasn't able to get in contact with Anthony. She told me that she'll email Marcel Gomez his supervisor. Am only asking to have my dry fixed. My next step is to call fox news and report best buy to the Better Business Bureau and tell my side of the story on my social media pages and the very poor customer service. Not 1 phone from best buy from or Anthony since 5/23/19. Am a long term customer that you just lost, but believe me dryer will be fixed. I have all the text messages, voicemails and the 6 packages that came to my home. 041b061a72


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