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Dr. Suess ' The Lorax 5 Mp4 Movie Free Download

the movie is animated in a fantastic way that is reminiscent of those old looney tunes cartoons. the animation is clear, vibrant, and the characters are animated with a level of quality rarely seen in today's animation world. chris renaud also directed the princess and the frog, and he applies his style to this film. the lorax has something for everyone to enjoy. it is not only a great movie for kids, but it is also a message for grown ups as well.

Dr. Suess ' The Lorax 5 Mp4 Movie Free Download

the lorax is one of the best dr. seuss children's books out there. it is about a man called the lorax, and he is a personification of an ideal. he is the lorax because he represents the environment. he is the lorax because he symbolizes a person that is clean, and who doesn't harm anything. he is the lorax because he represents a person that can make a difference.

directed by animation artist chris renaud, the lorax builds onto the original story with a clear message about preserving the environment and the downfalls of corporate greed. promises are made between characters and tension arises when they are broken. the message of how not keeping your promises can affect others is a good one. these themes are great ones for kids to learn.

starring the vocal talents of zac efron (as ted) and taylor swift (as audrey), dr. seuss the lorax is positioned to get the attention of young moviegoers. the offices ed helms (who is especially good in this animated role) and golden girl betty white join the cast as the once-ler and grammy norma. rob riggle (the other guys) voices the evil, greedy mr. ohare. parents should know this movie is very low on questionable content with a rating of pgfor mild brief language.


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