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Save Game Resident Evil 4 Pc Tamat

Hello,It supports the old version of the game, the version before the steam release, it's not tested with the steam version. We will consider your request and add the steam version of the save in the near future.Thank you

Save Game Resident Evil 4 Pc Tamat

Download Zip:

Hello,Normally there is no save folder for your version and the save file is located in the game folder but its hidden so depending on your Windows OS (Version). You will have to search for hidden files to find to file and replace it.But anyway may I know your windows version?

Pada postingan kali ini saya akan membagikan save file game Resident Evil 4 yang sudah tamat 100%. Bagi sobat yang tidak ingin capek, untuk menamatkan RE4 sendirian, langsung saja copy-paste save file yang saya bagikan, ke instalan game resident evil 4 sobat.

Resident Evil Village or RE8 is an interesting game with mind-boggling puzzles, intimidating characters, and a scary persona. The game has a typewriter that acts as the save point. Whenever you find one you can manually save your game. Otherwise, as you complete the different main missions the game auto-saves the progress. You will see a tiny typewriter sign on the bottom left or right of the screen. It indicates your current progress is saved. But sometimes you will have to save it manually, for which finding the typewriter is necessary. This can pull in unnecessary attention from enemies. You can backup Resident Evil Village Save game files and continue playing. If you want to restart from a previous position just restore it back. For this, you will have to find where is Resident Evil Village Save location is.

RE8 Save files are located in the Steam folder. Go to C Drive or the location where Windows 10 is installed. Open Program Files (x86), and open the Steam Folder. Open User Date > 1196590 > Remote > win64_save. This is the default location where you can find all save game files of Resident Evil Village. Here is the full location once again. In some systems User-ID might not be visible, you can ignore this one. Or you can choose your user-id from here if you have multiple logins.

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