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Basics Of Tekla Structures __LINK__

Learn how to launch Tekla Structures, how to open a model, and how to navigate in a model. You will learn the basics of the user interface, and more about some of its features: ribbon, file menu, selection switches, snap switches, and side pane. You will also learn how to render objects.

Basics of Tekla Structures

Tekla Structures is a building information modeling software able to model structures that incorporate different kinds of building materials, including steel, concrete, timber and glass. [1][2][3][4][5][6] Tekla allows structural drafters and engineers to design a building structure and its components using 3D modeling, generate 2D drawings and access building information.[2][3][5] Tekla Structures was formerly known as Xsteel (X as in X Window System, the foundation of the Unix GUI).

Engineers have used Tekla Structures to model stadiums, offshore structures,pipe rack structures, plants, factories, residential buildings, bridges and skyscrapers.[1][2] Tekla Structures was used in the construction design for various projects around the world, including:[10][11]

Tekla Campus is a free online academy for students (and educators) to access and learn the basics of Tekla Structures. Register online to download the Tekla Structures Learning Edition. This access is valid for four months and includes all functionalities of the professional Tekla Structures licence, step-by-step video tutorials and the ability to discuss with other Tekla Campus students around the world.

Accurate application of wind loading is critical for the overall safety and stability of the structures engineers design. Properly accounting for wind involves a thorough understanding of building code requirements and structural behavior. Join this presentation to learn more about the provisions mandating how wind loading is accounted for in the structures we design, as well as effective features available in Tekla Structural Design (TSD) to ensure adherence to the necessary building code provisions.

Founded in August 2018 by Engr. John Paul Dela Rosa, XSTRUCTURES ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS, or simply Xstructures, is a software sales, design, and training company that specializes in structural analysis and design of various structures ranging from buildings, industrial structures, oil and gas structures and offshore structures, and in delivering structural engineering and CAD software trainings. 041b061a72


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